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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

Back to school supplies can get super-duper expensive. Before starting your back to school shopping, learn the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to save money. Add your tips in the comments below!

dos and don'ts of saving money

1. DO de-clutter. Summer vacation means you’ll have a little more free time on your hands than usual without school runs and preparing sandwiches. If you have not already done so during spring cleaning, clear out your closets and drawers, and see which supplies you have lying around the house, and which ones you will need to buy. It’s always a terrible feeling to find the 5 notepads you bought while they were on sale after you’ve gone and bought 5 more (expensive) ones.

2. DON’T get branded merchandise. Hello Kitty, TMNT, Frozen etc. merchandise will all be more expensive than regular supplies. If possible don’t take your child shopping with you as they will always want the cooler, more expensive items – it’s a tantrum waiting to happen.

3. DO put everything in one place and make a list as you clean. If you’re really organized, make this the dedicated place to store supplies all-year round. Keep the list handy – either put it in your purse, or because we’re in the 21st century, write the list itself on your phone. This way if you find yourself in the store, you’ll be able to see what you need to buy, and what could wait for better prices to come around.

save money school supplies

4. DO wait to buy school clothes. Many sales will start after the first few days of school.

5. DO buy online or at the Dollar Store. If your child needs textbooks – they do not need to be brand new and pristine. You can find many of them in ‘Like New’ condition online at much cheaper prices.

6. DON’T buy in August. The big rush to buy supplies happens now so prices will be full. Wait until the end of August or even September to get your supplies.

7. DO use coupons. Scour those magazines and newspapers to find coupons. I highly recommend downloading the Honey chrome extension – especially if you shop online a lot. It will automatically check the site for coupons and see if any are applicable to you.

coupons for school supplies

8. DO buy bulk when there are sales. If it’s an item that is always needed – buy it in bulk when there’s a great sale happening. Store it in your supplies closet, and you’ll save money in the long run.

9. DON’T buy specific supplies until the teacher sends out the list of supplies needed.

10. DO give your kids a financial lesson. Set them a challenge to buy all the items on their list within a given budget. It’s like a grown up version of a scavenger hunt. They’ll find it fun, and it’ll be educational for them. Bonus points if they don’t use all the money – let them keep it in a piggy bank to save up and use for later.

budget education for kids

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