How To: Find The Best Phone for Your Needs, Part 2

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Still haven’t decided on your next phone? Well, luckily, our guide for finding the best phone for you isn’t over yet. There’s more to consider than just an operating system. In order to find help you find the best phone for you, you need to know a bit about hardware.

Once you’ve picked your platform, There are some questions to be asked – Would you rather have a small and portable phone, or a big screened phablet? What is more important, a bright screen or long battery life? And what about the camera? There is no best phone, there is just a phone that is best for you. The choice is yours.


071015 Screen

No matter what they tell you, size does matter.
The main reason to buy a smaller screen smartphone is for its compact design. A smaller screen means that you don’t have to stretch your thumb uncomfortably.

The sweet spot for smartphone screen size these days is considered to be between 4.5 to 5.4 inches, as most people are comfortable using these phones with one hand.

Smartphones with a display larger than 5.5 inches, often called phablets as they are tablet-like in size, are usually used with two-hands, and are preferred by people like me, for the purpose of watching videos, playing games and reading ebooks. If you usually carry around a purse or have large pockets you’ll have a much easier time using one of a these.

Keep in mind that big screens do have their drawbacks, such as their increased power consumption, though bigger phones often solve this issue by adding a larger or stronger battery. You should always check for the expected battery life to make sure that it’s enough for you.

Another note to consider is that the weight of a smartphone is mostly dictated by its screen size, the bigger the size is the heavier the phone will most likely be, and once you get above 170 grams you’ll really start noticing the weight of the phone in your pocket or in your hand.

The size of the screen is only one thing to consider, you should also pay close attention the smartphone’s resolution and brightness. The sharpest displays have quad-HD resolution, with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. However, a full-HD panel, with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels shows plenty of detail. Screens with 1,280 x 720 pixels, such as what is typically found on value-priced phones, can result in lost detail in text or movies. Make sure that you choose a smartphone with a screen bright enough that you can use it outdoors in direct sunlight.


071015 Cam

There’s no sense denying that smartphones are commonly used these days by most people as their main device for photography, therefore the quality of a phone’s camera is an essential thing to consider. More and more smartphones boast cameras with 16 megapixels, but don’t go by that number alone as sometimes quality beats quantity as a good 13 megapixel camera might take better photos than a bad 20-megapixel one.

The lens quality is important and can aid the sensor by exposing it to more light. The sensor itself might also offer a lower pixel count but be more sensitive to illumination, resulting in better performance in low-light conditions. Optical image stabilization can also result in steadier, clearer photos.

Having a  good processor will result in faster open times for apps, smoother gameplay and quicker photo editing. Currently Samsung’s Exynos 7420 chip is the leading processor. Another top-of-the-line runner-up is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor, and the Snapdragon 808 chip is almost as capable. Apple’s A8 chip also delivers smooth performances on their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

A smartphone’s RAM is critical several thing, multitasking among them. Always aim fordevices with more than just 1GB of system memory. On mid tier devices, 2GB is good and standard. But keep in mind that 3GB or even 4GB of RAM, such as what is offered by the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus would be even better.

Internal Storage:

071015 Mem

Since smartphones are used to store games that can easily take up more than 1GB, not to mention high resolution photos and videos, get as much internal storage as possible. While many phones are still sold with 16GB, the standard for most phones is drifting towards 32GB. 

A microSD card can help expand your storage, and many smartphones offer a certain amount of internal storage while also making a slot for microSD cards available. This slot allows users to double, triple and even quadruple their available storage space on the device without a high cost. Keep in mind that not all phones have such a slot and you should check that beforehand. If you buy a phone with no such slot, make sure that it has enough internal memory for your purposes.


071015 Bat

Many factors determine how long a smartphone lasts on a charge, among them you can name the screen size and the processor but also the operating system. Phone that lasts longer than 8 hours of straight 4G LTE surfing are considered good, but when it comes to battery life, more is better.

Capacity is another spec that can help determine a phone’s potential staying power: In general, look for phones with 2,600 mAh or more.

Another note to consider about batteries is that some phones have removable batteries: Once your battery stops holding a charge for as long as it did when it was fresh, you can just replace it with a new one. You could also carry a spare battery with you, so you’ll be able to swap in a new one to keep your phone running. Not all phones have that option, as removable batteries seem to be falling out of favour with most smartphone makers.

This guide’s purpose to make sure that you have all of the information needed to make the smartest purchase next time you buy a phone.
The last installment in this guide will offer you several suggestions based on our favourite phones of 2015. Don’t go anywhere!

For more information regarding phone cameras, watch the video below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments below.
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  2. when buying a second hand phone,apple 4…etc., how do I know that it is functioning properly, … do I ask the seller to meet me at the local radio shack outlet and they can do some testing on it?

    1. That very much depends on the seller, and most sellers and allow you to get your money back in case there’s a problem.

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