Best Smartphone to Buy in 2016

Interested in purchasing a new phone? If you’re looking for the best smartphone of 2016, you’ve come to the right place. With so many different smartphones from so many brands from across the globe, one may start feeling a bit lost. Which one of those many is the best phone you can buy right now, in February 2016?

The most important factor in buying a new device is making sure you have the best smartphone for you; with the features you need, the size that feels right, the platform that suits you best. There is no definite one-size-fits-all device, though, and that’s why we explore the major options, trying to help you narrow down to some of the most outstanding devices that we think won’t disappoint you.


With no further ado, here are the best phones you can buy right now:

Sony Xperia Z5:

Sony Xperia

+Brand new design                      -No wireless charging
+Good battery life                         -Can get rather warm

The Sony Xperia Z5 is a fully-fledged flagship update, wiping away the recently released Xperia Z3+. The Xperia Z5 brings Sony up-to-date in terms of hardware, but really pushes changes in the camera, with a new 23-megapixel sensor.

There is plenty of power, as well as the water resistance that Sony is known for, although the design is pretty similar to the previous devices in the Xperia Z family and hasn’t seen much change.

LG G4:


+Great screen                                  -Plastic option feels cheap
+Lots of power                                -/+ Leather

If you’re in the market for a big phone then the LG G4 could be your ideal match. From the optional leather finish, to excellent camera performance, this 5.5-inch phone-meets-phablet has plenty going for it.

The one thing holding it back from greater success is battery life, on the upside the battery is removable so you can easily swap it for a reserve. It is, however, great value for your money.

Nexus 6P:

Nexus 6P

+All metal design                              -No wireless charger
+Fingerprint scanner                       -/+ Size

With a full metal body that will certainly appeal to those looking for that premium sheen, the Nexus is no longer just about affordability, now it’s about desirability too. There’s plenty of power in this 5.5-inch device and a display that’s full of detail, with deep inky blacks. Other than a great and fast fingerprint scanner and an extremely good camera  there’s  also USB Type-C on the bottom for simple connection to your charger.

This is a pure Android handset, debuting Android 6.0 Marshmallow and again makes a case for how consumer friendly this software is without all the additions you’ll get elsewhere.

Apple iPhone 6S:


+Stylish design                              -Screen not full HD
+Smooth Software                        -Expensive

The iPhone 6S takes a strong design and supercharges Apple’s smartphone. While there are no changes to the exterior design, under the skin there’s a lot that’s new in the iPhone 6S. This is a more powerful handset than previously, so things are slicker and faster, but there’s also been a refresh to the camera, the first update in a long time.

It is, however, still one of the most expensive smartphones around and although it offers a premium experience, some will see that the iPhone is behind the curve in some areas, such as display resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:


+Premium design                       -Expensive
+Fast interface                            –Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is so close to being best smartphone in the world right now. It boasts the world’s first dual curved display, with the screen bending around on both sides so it looks like no other phone ever made.

Combined with industry leading power, an amazing display, decent battery life, an excellent camera and amazing performance make it not only the best-looking smartphone, but easily one of the best smartphones in the market right now.

Watch this video to learn about some of the new smartphones that are just around the corner.

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