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Whatever Floats Your Boat, Or How I Learned to Love Floats

Summer is coming! That can only mean one thing, it’s time to find this year’s totally Instagrammable pool floats.

Years from now, we will remember the summer of 2015 as the era of the pool floats. These things are all over the blogosphere, and even Taylor Swift has gotten in on the trend. I mean, who could forget when Taylor Swift set our 2015 pool float goals after she Instagrammed a photo of herself and her boyfriend atop an inflatable swan? We were in inflatable bliss.

If you wish to re-live your childhood on a giant inflatable of your own, or live the inflatable, Instagrammable dream, look no further than this roundup of the 7 best pool floats out there.

  1. International Leisure Giant Swan


This white swan float was the one that started it all. Join the fine and don’t forget to put it on Instagram.

  1. Swimline Giant Sea Dragon Inflatable Pool Toy


Here be dragons! Or at least, this cute, purple one, ready to make your floaty dreams come true.

  1. Swimline Fruit Slice Fun Island


There’s nothing better than a nice piece of fruit on a warm day. The only thing that rivals that is a nice soak on such a day. Meet the best of two worlds, the fruit slice floaty!

  1. Swimline Cabana Shirt Float


Like any good Cabana-influenced anything, there’s a designated place to put a cup while you relax on the water.

  1. Swimline Baseball Glove Float Inflatable Raft


This just might be the manliest floaty floating out there.

  1. Toilet Pool Float

toilet float

There are some jokes regarding pools and toilets that should just be left unsaid.

  1. Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride On

TRex Floatjpg

My personal favourite. Do you remember how shocking it was in Jurassic Park when the Velociraptors learned how to open doors? Imagine the shock when people will see how this furiously funny T-Rex learned how to float!

And let’s not forget the one and only, the root beer float!

I promise you that with these, this hot summer, you’re going to be the coolest people in the swimming pool.

Stay cool!
The Stuccu Team


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