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13 Quirky Products to bring Summer to the Office

Not everyone is lucky enough to be taking a summer vacation in the coming months . I mean – we can’t all leave and go on vacation can we?! Someone needs to keep things running.

Even though you may not be able to soak up some sun by the poolside, you can bring some sunshine into your office and have a little fun of your own with these handy and adorable work accessories that you just won’t be able to resist.

1. Ever wanted to run your hands through Albert Einstein’s hair? Well now’s your chance! Although it’s probably not as soft as you always imagined it would be…

Einstein head
Albert Einstein Magnetic Paper Clip Holder from $9.88

2. Keep your time in check with this classy 30 minute hour glass. Time your tasks or phone calls. Better yet – every 30 minutes get up and walk around for a minute. Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on your health.

30 Minutes Hourglass
30 minute crystal hourglass from $19.90

3. Fill one of these out each day and you’ll never forget a thing! That is, unless you forget to check your list! It tells you what to do today, what tasks need to get done, the subject and location of appointments, what you need to buy, notes, and there’s a handy health section that reminds you to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (and specify what you ate if you want to). There is also a tick chart to tick off each of the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Plus an exercise section to remind you to keep moving!

daily task palnning
OrganizeME Daily Planning Pad from $11.99

4. Who could resist having a pen that looks like a squirrel sitting on their desk?

Toysmith Squirrel Pen
Toysmith Squirrel Pen from $5.77

5. Bring some fake greenery into your office with these pens. You can buy: grass, leaves, or flowers!

Generic Poo-leaf Forest Green Grass-blade Ballpoint pack of 12
Forest Green Grass-blade Ballpoint pen pack of 12 from $3.32

6. Do you work in a surgery or medical institution? Get a kick out of these ball point pens that look like syringes.

Syringe Pen - Pack of 4 Liquid Filled Syringe Pens
12 Assorted Color Syringe Pens from $6.00

7. Who says stapling endless documents together needs to be boring? This mini stapler is here to put the cute back into stapling! (Has stapling ever been described as cute before?)

Cute Panda Mini Desktop Stapler
Cute Panda Mini Desktop Stapler from $2.56

8. If you can’t stand to be away from your cat during the work day then get this kitty scotch tape dispenser. Instead of playing with a ball of yarn, this kitty plays with tape and never tires of it!

Scotch Kitty Dispenser with Scotch Magic Tape
Scotch Kitty Dispenser with Scotch Magic Tape from $8.44

9. Say goodbye to those drab black paper holders and bring a smile to your co-workers faces when you hand then the latest project presentation held together with these adorable holders.

Pack of 40 Cute Lovely Smiling Face Spring-Loaded File Organizer
Smiling Face Spring-Loaded File Organizers from $6.10

10. Who knew that man’s best friend was such a deep thinker too? Get your positive inspiration from this dog-tastic inspirational calendar. Who could resist this cute little guy is in his bow-tie?

Avalon 2016 Wall Calendar
Avalon 2016 Wall Calendar Pawsitive Thinking from $12.99

11. Best past-time in the office? Coffee breaks. Give your colleagues a laugh with this kooky coffee mug.

Funny 11oz Coffee or Tea Mugs - Might Be Wine Mug
‘This Might Be Wine Coffee’ Mug By Acen Studios from $10.95

12. Alternatively, just tell your colleagues the real reason why you come to work and tolerate them each day.

I Work Hard So My Cat Can Live A Better Life White Ceramic Coffee Mugs Cup
‘I Work Hard So My Cat Can Live A Better Life’ Coffee Mug from $8.10

13.  You may not be able to lounge around all day in a hammock this summer but here’s the next best solution – get a desk hammock for your feet. This hammock hooks onto the ends of your desk for easy installation and removal (in case you’re fired for sleeping on the job – just kidding!)

AccMart Adjustable Mini Foot Rest Stand
AccMart Adjustable Mini Foot Rest Hammock from $23.99

Enjoy the summer!!

bring summer to the office*All prices accurate at time of publishing


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