Little Touches for your Home

You move into a new house, you’re excited and happy, it’s everything you ever dreamed of. Then 2 years flash by and before you know it your beautiful house is no longer everything you wanted. Give it a breathe of fresh-air with these little touches.

Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head

Limescale builds over time and will slow the water flow of your shower head. Give your shower a makeover and install a new shower head once in a while to make your showers that much more pleasurable. 


  • 6 inches wide.
  • Easily adjustable angle.
  • 2.5 gpm flow control.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Even water pressure (even if your own water pressure is low).

GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight

I recently came across this genius invention. You can easily navigate your way to the toilet with this low-light nightlight. No more dreading switching on those blinding bathroom lights when you need to pee at night. Woohoo! 


  • Fits any toilet.
  • Motion activated light – turns on when you entered the bathroom, and off when you leave.
  • Only activates in the dark.
  • Option of 7 colors: blue, red, green, purple, yellow, white, or aqua.
  • Can set colors to rotate.
  • Includes  5 stage dimmer so you can set the brightness level of the light.
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries.
  • Light blinks red to indicate low battery.

WenTop® Led Strip Lights

Buy a strip of these LED lights to hang pretty much anywhere in the house or garden to give the area an elegant or romantic glow.


  • 5 meters/ 16.4Ft long.
  • Lifespan of 50,000+ hours. Low power consumption.
  • Flexible and easy to fit around curves and tricky spots.
  • Strip includes self-adhesive back for easy installation.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • 12V makes it low heat and safe for children to be around.
  • Can cut the strip along the cutting marks indicated – will need additional power supplies.
  • Waterproof – but not safe to use underwater.
  • Other colors available.
  • Option for strobe lighting, flashing, or steady lighting via remote control (not included). Without remote lighting is steady.

TP-Link Smart Plug

Give your home a 21st century makeover with some smart home tech from TP-Link Smart Plug. 


  • Control electronic devices via Wi-Fi and an app on your smartphone.
  • Schedule different devices to go on and off at different times.
  • Use away-mode when you travel to make it look like someone’s home.
  • Voice controlled when paired with the Amazon Echo.
  • Check if there are devices left on and turn them off – saving you money on your electricity bills.
  • Each smart plug controls one device. You can buy multiple plugs and control them all from the same app.

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