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16 College Dorm Products You’ll Need to Survive

Moving away from home and into an over-crowded, noisy space, where there’s people around all the time is a big change for anyone. Walking into that bare room and thinking: ‘THIS is my home for the next year?!’ is even worse. Which is why you come prepared! Prepared to make this place feel like home in an instant.

We asked past college students which items they say are essential for dorm living and making it feel like home.

1. Bed Skirt Organizer

Save on storage space with this nifty organizer that hangs on your bed. Better yet – store your late night snacks in it so you won’t need to get out of bed to get them! Plus, if your blanket covers the organizer no one will know where you hide the snacks…

Whitmor Bed Skirt Organizer
Bed Skirt Shoe Organizer from $9.99

2. Solar Powered String Lights

If you want to decorate your room with string lights but are worried about the electrical costs, buy solar powered lights! Leave the solar panel by the window so it can charge up during the day for use at night.

Solar Outdoor String Lights
Solar String Lights from $13.99

3. Posters

Nothing helps more than a motivational poster hung in exactly the right spot.

7 Rules of Life - NEW Classroom Motivational Poster
Motivational Poster from $4.50

4. Wall Decals

If your dorm allows it, stick up an inspirational wall decal instead.

Dr Seuss Wall Decal Quotes
Dr Seuss Wall Decal from $12.99

5. Shower Caddy

Instead of attempting to hold onto your towel as well as your shower gel and shampoo, get one of these to easily carry around your bathroom essentials.

Wrapables Quick Dry Portable Mesh shower Caddy
Mesh Shower Caddy from $ 3.90

6. Laundry Hamper Bags

When it’s time to do laundry all you need to do is zip it up and put it on your back.

School Backpack Laundry Hamper
Backpack Laundry Hamper from $7.50

7. Washi Tape

Washi tape can make anything look cooler. Put it on the edge of your shelves, your desk, your door etc. Or use it to make make-shift photo frames on the wall.

Wrapables Set of 6
Washi Tape from $1.29

8. Wall Tapestry

Hang up a funky tapestry to make your room feel cozier.

heart sunglasses tapestry
Sunglasses Wall Tapestry from $13.49

9. Mini Fridge

To keep your food and drinks cool without needing to worry about someone stealing it.

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge
Mini Fridge from $30.00

10. More Electrical Outlets

Finding a free outlet when sharing a room can be hard. Buy these extra outlets and you’ll never have to worry.

4-Piece USB Power
4 Piece Power Outlet Devices from $39.95

11. Mini Iron

For when that shirt is really too wrinkled to wear out in public. To make-shift an ironing board use a thick cotton towel (preferably white if your clothing is white).

Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron
Mini Steam Iron from $21.21

12. Desk Lamps

So you won’t need to use the harsh over lights or disturb sleeping roommates.

Room Essentials™ Gooseneck Desk Lamp
Desk Lamp Black from $6.40

13. Towels that won’t slip

Your towel will never slip off with these Velcro towel wraps. There’s a version for women available too.

Men Cotton Terry Velour Wrap
Men’s Velcro Towel Wrap from $9.99

14. A small sewing kit

For those times you find yourself with holes in your clothes or a button falling off. If you know how to sew, doing repairs is a great way to make some extra money. People will honestly pay for you to sew a button back on.

Mini Travel Sew Kit from $3.00

15. A handy pocket-sized utensil kit

It’s always useful to carry one of these in your pocket. This Swiss Army Style Utensil has 13 functions – fork, spoon, knife, cork screw opener, can opener, and more.

Swiss Army Style Fold Up Utensil 13 functions
Swiss Army Style Multi Use Utensil from $11.99

16. A small coffee machine

To keep you going through those hard nights of studying and early mornings. It’ll save you money in the long run as you won’t be splurging on store bought coffee every day.

Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black
Mr. Coffee 4 cup Coffeemaker from $14.55

Do you have any essential college items you couldn’t live without?

Add them in the comments below!

*All prices accurate at time of publishing. 

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