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Magical Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is every child’s dream. Instead of being told by their parents that: ‘no, you can’t go to school wearing your Superman pajamas or fairy wings’, they are given full opportunity to dress however they want to.  I absolutely loved Halloween when I was a kid; I loved dressing up, getting creative, and showing people another side to me (that yes, I am a fairy who can grant wishes). After all, what you dress up as says a lot about you and your personality.

For parents though, Halloween can be stressful as they try to match their kid’s dreams and visions of Halloween costume ideas into their budgets. Therefore, we made it easier to find cheap Halloween costumes by finding the most popular (read Disney’s Frozen) costumes for Halloween this year.

‘Frozen’ was a hit when it came out in 2013. Children (and some adults) still watch it daily and sing those catchy tunes word for word. It’s no wonder that they want to dress up as Anna, Elsa, or that adorable snowman, Olaf. Make their dream come true by buying them a costume for less than $10! It’s a bargain!

Elsa Frozen halloween cheap costume
Elsa $8.97
Olaf $9.99
Anna frozen halloween cheap costume halloween
Anna $8.92


This year however, there’s a new Disney film on the block- Inside out. Kids and adults alike love it! Buy a colored wig to be sadness, disgust, or joy. And just dress like ‘em! It’s a little harder to be anger or fear unless you want to paint your face purple or red…


Inside out costume


Every boy has to be a superhero at some point in his life. It’s a given. Now you can get this collectible Batman Halloween costume for $19.76. You can’t forget about the girls! The new generation of girls are being taught that they are equal to boys and can do anything that they can do. So, for every superhero boy, there of course needs to be a superhero girl to keep things gender equal and empower girls from a young age.

Batman Costume $19.76
Batman Costume $19.76
Wonder Woman cheap halloween costume
Wonder Woman Halloween Costume $11.19

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a full Halloween costume then you can easily DIY one. You can make a really cute Superman/ Clark Kent Halloween Costume from just a suit, shirt, tie, pair of rectangular glasses, and a cheap Superman Pajama T-shirt worn underneath an unbuttoned shirt. Chances are that your son already has a Superman pajama shirt.

Every kid also has to be the classic pirate or witch that never goes out of style. These Halloween costumes are also easy to DIY if you can’t afford the full costume. You can just buy a witch hat and then dress her in black, and get crafty with some face paint. For a pirate- buy a plastic sword, and then go off to the fabric store to buy some red and black striped cloth to make a sash and bandanna out of.


Pirate costume halloween fancy dress cheap
Pirate Halloween Costume $18.56
Witch costume
 Witch Halloween Costume $8.23


Another cute and so easy DIY Halloween costume I saw was an Octopus made from an umbrella. Glue eyes onto the umbrella, and tape crepe paper ‘tentacles’ to it (strips of crepe paper or party streamers). Dress in the color of the umbrella/ tentacles. Do this all in white and leave off the eyes for it to be a jellyfish! You can also add battery operated string lights to make it light up.

There are so many DIY costumes that can be made that day with things that you can find in your house so, don’t despair if you’ve left it to the last minute! Take a look and get inspired! And don’t forget to buy the materials from Stuccu!


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