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Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts for your Unique Dad

Father’s Day takes place annually on June 19th. 

Everyone loves the concept of Father’s Day and yet when it comes down to it, nearly everyone is clueless about what to actually buy their dad for this day of appreciating everything he does for us. The default gift is always the same – socks or chocolate. Then whichever one you didn’t get him you get for his birthday. Say no more to clueless gift buying.

Each dad in the world is unique but, there are certain ‘types’ of dads that most can fall into…we’ve specified the perfect gift for each type of dad.

Which fits your dad’s personality?

The Gadget Guy

He owns pretty much any gadget out there AND, he knows how to use them. Why not get him the Amazon Echo Dot? It’s currently only available to order via the Amazon Echo but if your dad is tech savvy then that shouldn’t be a problem – he should have an Echo already! If for some reason he doesn’t have an Echo, get him one! Or get him the portable (and slightly cheaper version) – the Amazon Tap.

Echo Dot

The Hipster Dad

If your dad has cottoned-on to the hipster trend, then buy him a shaving kit to keep his facial hair looking in tip-top shape. There’s a difference between well-groomed facial hair and scruffy facial hair…

Complete Men's Beard Care Grooming Kit by Craft Beard

The Overprotective Dad

We all cringe when it comes to dating with your parents around, especially fathers who can get VERY overprotective. How about a ‘keep calm and chill out’ t-shirt to remind him what to do next time you bring a date home?

A N Y Men's Headphones Keep Calm And Chill Out T-Shirts Black

The Business Dad

He’s too careful with his money to spoil himself so you need to spoil him! How about a snazzy new leather desk set?

Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set, Black

The Chef Dad

Move over mom, dad’s the cook in this house! Dad loves to cook and cook to perfection. But that doesn’t come easily: he’ll need skill, patience, and A LOT of kitchen gadgets.

Custom Cooking Gift Enter Name Better Kitchen Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo

The Nerd Dad

He’s into anything nerdy, and oh yeah – he’s a #1 Star Wars fan. He’ll definitely love this BB-8 charger for the car with 2 USB portals.

Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger

The Bad Joke Dad

The dad who gets a laugh out of telling the same bad jokes over and over and over again. Help him along (and save yourself from the same old jokes) by getting him some new material.

Jokelopedia, Third Edition

The Lazy Dad

The dad who will call an electrician to replace a light bulb instead of having to do it himself. With the automatic vacuum cleaner he will never have to vacuum again.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The Grill Dad

There is only one grill master in your house, and it’s your dad. No one can say otherwise, and if they forget it – all they have to do is look at his BBQ set.

KOVOT Dad BBQ Grill Set with Carry Case

The Dapper Dad

Your friends think you have the coolest dad because of the fashionable and suave way he dresses. Always in style, and always dressed to impressed. Get him some new shades for the summer.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Sporty Dad

You’ve probably spent a lot of time with him practicing your soccer, basketball, or baseball skills. He’s also most likely to have tried to sneak you into his gym. Get him a FitBit if he doesn’t already have one so that he can track is activity 24/7.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

The DIY Dad

Something’s broken – he can fix it! Ain’t no job big enough for DIY Dad. Give his tools a comfortable home, and make it easier for dad to keep track of them.
Stanley 19 Metal Tool Box with Two Drawers

The Absent Minded Dad

There’s always THAT dad who will accidentally leave a kid behind at the grocery store. Help him keep track of what needs to get done with a useful ‘To- Do’ list – just put it somewhere he can’t lose it!

To Do List Cards

The Nature Dad

Camping trip anyone? How about a nice hike? Dad is always up for it. Buy him an incredible tent and then go camping for the weekend.

COLEMAN Prairie Breeze 9 Person WeatherTec Camping Tent


The Couch Potato Dad

Looking for dad? He’s on the couch. Most likely fast asleep. Keep him awake with Amazon Fire TV – over 4,000 channels, apps and games.

Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna BundleThe Military Dad

He’s obsessed with the military and has served a few years too. He’ll love this personalized beer bottle opener that looks like a bullet.

Personalizable 50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Bottle Opener in Brass

Did we miss out your dad’s personality? What will you get him for Father’s Day?

Leave your comments below!

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