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The Practical Gift Guide for Babies

I am at that point in my life when all of my friends seem to be having babies. After the usual panic of: ‘how did I get so old?!’ I have to start thinking about what to get them as a baby gift.

Depending on how close I am to the friend I may ask what they still need for the baby and get that so that I know my gift will be useful to them. Or, I’ll get something for my friend to make her feel special because after all, carrying a living being for 9 months and then giving birth is no easy feat and one definitely deserves to be rewarded.

However, for those friends I’m not so close to, I don’t feel comfortable asking them straight out what they need.

Therefore I have created a baby gift guide of those gifts that just never go out of style, and you can never have enough of.

Occasionally, I will get together with a group of friends and we will buy something expensive together as a group gift. This can be baby furniture, strollers, rockers, car seats etc. These are things that are expensive and people generally don’t receive them as gifts but they would really help out with a new baby. Of course- if going this route, always ask your friend first what they still need and tell them what you are getting so they don’t buy it before you get there!

Baby crib

Smaller gifts that you can never really go wrong with are:

A cute and cheerful Baby Towel with a hood 

This makes getting them out the bath a little more fun. For them, and for you.

Baby hooded towel

Baby Diaper Bag 

Even if they have one, it’s always good to have a spare one. They can keep one in the car for emergency cases when they may have run out of something in the other one, or just plain downright forgotten to bring it with.

Baby diaper bags

Baby Mobile 

These are such fun for a baby, and if you buy one and they already have one, it means they can make staring at the ceiling more fun for the baby because they can switch up the mobiles.

Baby mobile

Baby Toys

You can never go wrong with baby toys, especially these that strap onto the baby so that you won’t have to pick it up every minute when the baby decides to throw toys around.

baby wristlet toys

A Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are like sleeping bags for babies but so much better because it’s connected to the baby. Just like adults, babies move around in their sleep and are likely to kick off a blanket, leaving them cold and exposed. Unlike adults however, they can’t pull the blanket back over them, instead they will cry and wake up the parents. Solution? A sleeping sack!

Baby sleep sack

Smartphone Stroller Holder 

This one is for the mommies more than the babies. Keep both hands on the stroller because just like a hands-free driving kit, you can get a hands-free stroller kit.

mobile phone stroller holder


Bath time essentials

You can either buy them this bath time essentials kit, or DIY one and add in whatever you think they will need. 

Baby Bathtime essentials

A Medical Supply Basket 

A similar idea is to DIY for them a magical medical supply basket with syringes, different baby medications, and complete it with this Pacifier Thermometer. One day when the baby is sick in the middle of the night they’ll be thanking you.

pacifier thermometer

Some new Clothing

I came across this maternity cardigan that looks so comfortable that I want one! It’s a practical and stylish gift for a mom to be or a new mom as it also very practical for feeding the baby in.

maternity cardigan purple

Then there are the little things that you REALLY can never get enough of:

Baby socks because they’re always getting lost and going AWOL. Seriously, where do they go all the time!?

Baby Blankets Ditto. Always getting lost.

Diapers and wipesa necessity that can get extremely expensive when you have a baby. People can be picky about what brands they use and what is best for their baby so if you can, sneak a look at what brand they like using when you’re with them, then go out and buy! Or ask a family member of theirs which brand they like. You can create a ‘Diaper essential basket’ for them.

Baby bookstrue a baby can’t read but they’re always learning so you’d better start reading to them! The fun part is that as the baby gets older, they’ll start looking through the books themselves, and then one day they’ll be able to read it themselves too! How time flies…

Alternatively, if you are really stuck for ideas, or do not have time to think about it, you can take the easy road and just get a gift card so that your friend can use the money for something she really needs.

Happy gift buying!

baby gifts


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