Surving Christmas Dinner

Fashion: The Christmas Dinner Saviour

I was recently giving some fashion advice to a friend about what she should wear for her family Christmas Dinner. Once we had decided on her outfit, she suggested that I write about what to wear for Christmas Dinner so that others can receive some of the advice she got. So here it goes…

Oh Christmas.

The time of year when you get together with all your family to celebrate. Not every family is perfect and the thought of being in one room with your entire family can be down-right frightening to some. Your aunt starts asking you why you never got that raise (wait, how does she even know about that?!), or your mother continues to badger on about why you’re still single. Your dad continues to praise your older, more successful brother and pass side remarks about your apparent lack of success. And you just have to sit, grin and bear it, and try to count your blessings.

You may not be able to introduce your family to a new boyfriend, or tell them about your raise, but you can definitely look like you’re put together and enjoying the life you lead even though it may not meet your family’s high standards. 

For Men

Alain Dupetit Men's Two Button Suit in 12 colors $68.00Don’t turn up to Christmas dinner in jeans and your ugly Christmas sweater (unless it’s a family requirement). Get yourself a nice suit, some shiny shoes, a Christmas tie (nothing too cartoon-ish), and you can take it up a level by wearing cufflinks too. If you’re thinking to yourself: “I can’t turn up to my family like that, they’ll think I’m going to a business meeting,” that’s exactly the point! You want to come across as successful and confident.  If your family is a little more on the casual side, you can ditch the suit jacket and go with a nice sweater, or vest, and wear it with or without a tie. For the formal, put-together look I suggest you stick to nice pants and shoes though. Jeans or converse sneakers will automatically take your outfit of sophistication down. Want to turn it up and be a little original? Replace the tie with a bow-tie, or pick some not so typical colors, for example: a deep red pair of pants instead of plain black.


For WomenAmoluv Women Round Neck Short Sleeve Pleated Lace Slim Dress $14.99

A soft cardigan and a pencil skirt  is bound to make you look fabulous (extra points for a lace or leather skirt!). Leave aside your bodycon dresses for when you go to the club, a family affair is not the place for them. If a pencil skirt is not ‘your thing’, then you can wear a smart pair of pants, or a circle skirt with your cardigan. Putting a button down shirt underneath a sweater so that the collar sticks out also looks cute, the finishing touch is a statement necklace around the collar. If you want to wear a dress, wear one with a little sparkle and flair. This is Christmas dinner after all so don’t get too carried away with the sparkles until you look like a walking disco ball. For colors, choose Christmas colors: red and white, cream, gold, and green.


Now that we have you covered and confident, what if you have kids? They need to be dressed to perfection too!


For Little Boys

Nautica Little Boys' Solid Twill Vest Set $23.99For young boys, it’s the cutest thing to see them wearing a clothing set. A set includes: pants, a matching vest, and print button down shirt, together with a tie or bow-tie. If you want a more relaxed outfit, switch the vest with a Christmas cardigan and get rid of the tie. Because they’re boys they can get away with wearing converse shoes instead of smart dress shoes. Plus, they’ll probably be running around all day and you don’t want them to mess up their expensive dress shoes right?


For Little Girls

Christmas Little Girl's Princess Dress $27.99Little girls can have such fun with what they wear. If your daughter is a girly girl then you can dress her in a tulle skirt, a sweater tucked in, some statement jewelry, and ballet flats. If she’s less of a girly girl and there is no way in this lifetime you are getting her into a dress or a skirt, you can dress her up in pants, flats, and a nice sweater. If she will agree to it – a nice necklace too just so that she has some bling.

Baby christmas hat

For the Baby

Babies can be dressed in anything you want them to be as they have no say! A Santa Claus Babygro, or a little sweater and Christmas hat. Anything goes! Best part is that they will look adorable no matter how you dress them!

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


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