5 Tips for Buying Jewelry Online

Jewelry can add that extra ‘pzaz’ to an outfit, and bring a sparkle to your eyes. That is, if you are happy with it and it is ‘the real deal’. Jewelry stores can be expensive and therefore, many turn to buying jewelry online where they can get better deals for their purchases. However, many get taken advantage of when buying online and may end up paying for fakes or bad quality items.

Therefore, we have come up with these 5 tips to help you buy jewelry online.


  1.   Measure and Check Sizes before you begin the Search

You would think this a given but many people forget to do this. Measure before you start browsing, and refine your search by size if possible. Pay particular attention to sizing for rings and bracelets.   


  1.  Research

Research brands and stores- only buy from places that are reputable, legitimate, and have good customer reviews.  Research the different types of gold and silver, decide on the grade quality you want, and research qualities to look for in a diamond. There’s some serious stuff going on here so pay attention!

  1. Check the Website’s Returns and Refund Policy.

Check how long you have to return an item, how to send it back, and how long it will take for your money to find its way back into your bank account.  

Some companies may not give a full refund as they will still charge for packaging and handling. So be sure to check this out!


  1.        Look for Warranties and Repair services

Most items will have a warranty valid for a certain period of time. This period of time can be from a few weeks to a few years. If you know you’re a klutz, it may be worth it to buy something with a longer warranty.


  1.       Shop during Sales!

Sales are our best friends. Most women at some point in their life have gazed at a piece of jewelry and signed heartily because they would adore to own something so beautiful and yet it would mean they’d have to live without the bare necessities of life for a few months.

Which is why we love sales so much! Wait for a sale to buy something particularly pricey. Many websites have a common ‘Favorites’ or ‘Save’ feature so take advantage of it! Save an item you like and wait until it goes on sale- then buy it.

Think in advance. If it will be your mother’s birthday in a few months, and you know she really wants that pair of earrings, wait for a sale and buy! Even if it is 6 months too early. Just keep the gift somewhere safe until her birthday!


Have any tips to add?

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  1. Best shopping tip I can think of is simply: SHOP. Don’t purchase something from the first site you see it on. Visit as many sites as possible that might carry that particular item. Compare prices, taking into account s&h charges etc. What counts is bottom line. If something costs $100. on one site with free shipping, then costs $75. on another but they want $30 for s&h, which one is really cheaper?

  2. am trying to purchase from Brighton their compassionate Necklace in Aquamarine and also loving post drop earrings also in Aquamarine.

  3. have their folder which came in the mail. but don’t see anywhere
    to contact the company

  4. looking for the CLEAR moissanite, rather than the mossanite fire or brillaint

    1. Hi Joy,

      You can see what we offer on Stuccu via this link.

      For more information about a specific item, please contact the company that sells the item directly.

      Thank you!

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