Best Games for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is all about spending quality time with the family. Problem is it may get a little boring after a while which is why when you see a lull in the conversation you whip out the games!

Minions Pie Face

Pie Face is back with a Minions version! Stick your head in the cutout, place some whipped cream (or a wet sponge) on the hand and then spin the spinner. Crank the handle the number of times that you get on the spinner and hope you don’t get pie’ed in the face! The person who spins 25 points first wins. Filled with suspense and laughs, this is a great family game – especially for kids. For adults – you can combine the game with a trivia game- if you get a wrong answer you need to crank the handle.


‘Speak Out’ from Hasbro

Players work together in partners to guess the phrase from the card deck – while wearing a mouthpiece. If your partner guesses what you’re saying, you keep the card. The team with the most cards at the end wins. If you want to play with more people, you can buy the extension pack for more mouthpieces.


Googly Eyes Game

Similar to ‘Speak Out’, Googly Eyes alters your vision with vision-altering goggles. While wearing the goggles you need to draw an image and your team has to guess what it is before time runs out.


Yeti in My Spaghetti Game

Don’t let the Yeti fall into the spaghetti! Take turns one at a time to remove the spaghetti and keep that Yeti in place!


Catan: Seafarers Game Expansion

If you’re a Settlers of Catan fan then you’ll love this new expansion pack! Settlers of Catan has fast become a world-wide sensation. This expansion pack adds another element of complexity to the already tactical game.



Codenames is a great game that will get everyone thinking. You appoint two code-givers who know the exact location of their ‘spies’. They need to give one word clues for their team to guess which word on the board is the name of their ‘spy’. Guess incorrectly and it could be the rival team’s spy, a neutral card, or the assassin. Each time you play you change the board so you’ll never be able to know the exact locations of the spies however many times you play.


Treasure Hunter Game

Players put together a team to find the treasure. But, there’s a twist – instead of investing in treasures, they can get abilities which give them more rewards than treasure.

It’s not as simple as finding the treasure and having a good strategy, the players also need to avoid the goblins. The team with the most gold wins.


Ticket To Ride

In Ticket to Ride players go across North-America collecting train cards, and claiming railway routes. The longer the route, the more points the player gets.


Monopoly Game Star Wars Edition

The classic game is back and this time with a new Star Wars edition.


Clue: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Channel your inner ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ characters in this version of Clue. You have to figure out who kidnapped Sandy Claws, how, and where he’s hidden in time to save Christmas!


Have any other great family game favorites to add?

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