Finding the Bike for You

“What bike is right for me?” This is a question that many of us have asked ourselves at some point during our lives. Either when thinking about the purchase of your first or next bikes, it can often be a challenging occasion. So how we we do it? This guide is here to make it easy. […]

running gear for beginners

Marathon Running: The Basic Gear Guide

Marathon season is here once again and everyone’s hard at work training to achieve their goals and cross that finish line. Kudos to you if you’re signed up to run a marathon. Kudos to you if you run in general! Running can be an excellent way to keep fit. However, many have complained about the […]

fitness tracker

A Big Year For Wearables

It’s been a big year for wearables: The Apple Watch was born, Google Glass sadly died, and bands that track everything from heart rate to mood changes are finally not bad. While we have started to see other forms of wearable technology grow in popularity, smartwatches have cemented themselves as the face of wearables. The […]


How to Get fit without the Gym!

I used to use the excuse that I couldn’t find a gym I liked, or a class at a convenient time, in order to avoid working out. My body noticed it; I felt tired, my muscles ached, and it was affecting my mood. My friends could see it too and explained the importance of staying […]