Little Touches for your Home

You move into a new house, you’re excited and happy, it’s everything you ever dreamed of. Then 2 years flash by and before you know it your beautiful house is no longer everything you wanted. Give it a breathe of fresh-air with these little touches. Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head Limescale builds over time and […]


The Accessories to Top-off Your Style

Whether you are treating yourself, or looking to buy a gift for someone else, here are the accessories you should be looking at that will add an extra something to anyone’s outfit. ALOV Heart Necklace This beautiful and delicate sterling silver necklace comes with a 45cm long chain. The inscribed message reads: “I love you to […]


4 Irresistibly Cute Baby Gifts

While expecting parents will want the best for their baby, they’ll also be very conscious of cost and are more likely to go for budget friendly options. Which is where baby gifts come in! A baby gift should be both usable, practical, and fun – something that the new family will really appreciate but wouldn’t […]


10 Gifts for Dessert Lovers

These gifts are perfect for friends with a sweet tooth. We won’t judge if they’re for yourself 😉 1. Ice Cream Maker  Get an old fashioned ice cream maker so you can make your own ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. It can make up to 4 quarts with no manual effort required. The outer […]

cute items for the kitchen

Keeping it Cool in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often overlooked as a place to decorate in the home. While you may not be able to hang paintings on the walls, you can add some kitchen utensils that will accentuate your kitchen and be great conversation starters. Spartan Knife Holder         Made from high quality laminated birch wood.         Size: 6” wide x […]


Gift Guide for Her

We all know the feeling. Excitement because you’re invited to a party but dread because now you’ll need to buy a gift. Gift buying is always a challenge unless you know the person really well. It is the cause of fruitless hours spent browsing through stores to find the perfect gift. If you’re clueless about […]