fitness tracker

A Big Year For Wearables

It’s been a big year for wearables: The Apple Watch was born, Google Glass sadly died, and bands that track everything from heart rate to mood changes are finally not bad. While we have started to see other forms of wearable technology grow in popularity, smartwatches have cemented themselves as the face of wearables. The […]

new years resolutions 2016

Your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new beginning. Still stuck on deciding what your New Year’s resolution should be? Or trying to come up with a way to stick to it? Leave it to us! Become more organized Everyone struggles with this at some point, unless they’re OCD. Even organized people sometimes get overwhelmed and end up in a mess. […]

snacks and appetizers for parties

10 Easy Finger Foods for Parties

Many people decide to have a New Year’s Eve party so that they can start off the new year smiling and laughing. Everyone wants to have a good time on New Year’s, including the host. Unfortunately, there are times when hosting a party can get stressful for the host, and we don’t want that to happen […]


What Every Traveler Needs

Every traveler needs an arsenal of products to make his or her journey run smoother. If you’re stuck on what to get for a friend or a family member who travels often either because of work or because of sheer wanderlust, or if you’re looking for something for yourself, read on for some amazing gift […]

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents Under 25$

The countdown is on for Christmas is on! Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or unique Secret Santa Christmas presents that will keep them guessing, we have something for you here. The secret to great Christmas presents is finding a way to show your loved ones that you appreciate their style, hobbies, and personality. So if […]